Thursday, July 29, 2010

more blog candy - I'm following great blogs!!

Check out The Scrapbooking Cottage and see the other newly released Cosmo Cricket collections. I posted this pic because it was my favorite of the three. You can win this by following the directions.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

wowser ... more blog candy

There are so many generous people out there. I love my fellow scrappers. If you are interested in winning this great blog candy, head over Let's Ink It Up and follow the directions!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Thanks a Ton - a piggy card!

My son spent the week with friends at the Franklin County Fair. He even got to help a friend show one of his pigs. My son asked me to make a thank you card for his friend's parents. He asked that it have a pig on it. Here is what I came up with.

I wish I would have inked the words with chocolate brown. I was going to shadow them with a dark blue instead of putting them on the tag. Wish I had.

My husband and I are going to make cookies for our neighbors and pass them out with cards letting them know we care about them and are here for them if they every need anything - part of the Revolutionary Love day at our church. I did get the parts cut out on the cricut for the card - a house, tree and sun. I have to assemble them and write out the inside of the cards. Not tonight though...

Have a great week. Susan

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Even more blog candy

Everyone must be in a giving mood. Here is some more blog candy available. Head over to Kellie Winnell's blog and check it out!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Another chance to win Blog Candy

Go to Paper Scraps & Picture Passion and see how you can win some blog candy. You'll enjoy her blog as well.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday afternoon cards

Here are the cards I finished today...and I actually know who to give credit to!

This cute truck is delivering loads of love to some boy from his dad or mom serving. I used the Cricut to cut the truck (and wheels), cloud, sun and hearts. I tore Kraft paper for the dirt. It took some time to assemble 6 of these of OWH but well worth it. Thank you Melanie Blackburn, Jillibean Soup, for the inspiration.

I saw a similar card on Stampin With Di's site. I love teddy bears. When my husband were dating and first married, every card we gave each other had a teddy bear on it. We still try to do cards with TBs. Di's card had something like "sending hugs" and I fell in love with it. Guess what, it is not so easy to find a teddy bear stamp (at least at Michaels, but I did look online too). I did find this baby boy stamp set. Since I had coupon (50%), I got the whole set for around $3 which is what I would have paid for the bear alone! While looking for the bear, I found the Thinking Of You thought stamp. I'm going to have to do a lot more with these stamps.

I got inspiration for this card from She Who Must Stamp. Although I loved the card I cased, I'm not sure mine came out with as much wow factor. I think my yellows are too muted. The patterned piece in the middle should have had more umph.

Don't know if I'll get back in here tonight. Hubby has gone golfing so I think I'll see if there is a good movie on TV. Tomorrow is back to work...I'm still wishing for the 5-day weekend, 2-day work week (but I've been told that I have several years before that will be a reality for me!).

Have a great week. Susan

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Cards and a Cowboy

My friend at work is going to a baby shower for her cousin and asked me to make a card for her. Actually she wanted me to make the invitations but that was too much pressure for me : )

This first card was inspired by Tammys Spot

Love this bib - inspired by - Elisa Breckenridge. I designed it on the cricut (I'm so proud of myself!).

These next two cards were also CASEd from blogs but unfortunately I don't have the reference. If they are yours, please let me know so I can give you credit.

Now onto the cowboy. This is my son. Isn't he handsome?! He just bought the cowboy hat and I wanted a picture...of him, so the cowboy hat was the excuse.

Planning on being back in the scrap room tomorrow. We went to church tonight so I'll have all day tomorrow to work on more cards.

Oh, I almost forgot. I was playing with foil and my embosser. I saw this on another site and thought it was cool. The first one is the front side and I added a little color. The second one is the reverse side - I kind of like it.

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Start of a Week

A new week is starting....and so many things are changing.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


I'm so disappointed that I didn't get to scrap this weekend.

I enjoyed book club yesterday. We read So You Don't Want To Go To Church Anymore. Good story but it wasn't well-written in my opinion. It talked about the role "church" plays in our lives. Do we go to church because we have to or do we go because we want to? Is the church the building or the people?

The church is people. Unfortunately, people hurt us and we hurt others. But if we work to continue to grow closer with Father, then we will inevitability grow closer to other people. Let us be willing to forgive those who hurt us and make atones when we have hurt someone else. We are family.

Our next book is Captivated. I'm so disappointed that I will miss next book club - but I'll be on a scrapping retreat - which I'm excited about.

Gotta get ready for Brad's family reunion. We go every year to WV for his mom's side of the family. Maybe I'll get a little scrapping in this evening!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Cards done on 7-5-10

Slept in this morning til 9:30 - that's late for me. I did stay up to around 2 a.m. finishing a book...Still Alice. This is the story of a woman diagnosed with early Alzheimers disease. It was an excellent read - well written and captivating. I highly recommend it. It helped me see what people with this disease and their families go through. I'm thankful I didn't have to deal with my parents going through this and PRAY my husband and son don't have to go through it with me (thankfully, we haven't seen it manifest in anyone).

On to cards for today. I did the ingredients for cards yesterday but I have to admit that I'm not a detail person. It took me as long to write everything down as it did to do the card. Most of my paper and cardstock is loose so I don't know the manufacturer or line (or even the real name for the color). I get a package of something and tear it open and sort it by color - sorry :p

If you see something you like and want to ask where it came from, I'll be happy to try to figure it out, but good luck! I get most my embellies on sale on Joanns (dollar bin), Michaels or Odd Lots (or Big Lots...I'm not sure what it's called here).

I also CASE most of my cards. When I first started cardmaking, I went to many, many blogs and copied pictures of cards to a word doc so I could look at them later and copy them. Unfortunately it never occurred to me to indicate where I copied them from. I over 700 "samples" in my docs. So, for all of you who see your designs, THANK YOU and I'm sorry I can't give you credit - even though you rightfully deserve it.

This is all me : ) I started the scalloped circle for something else and it was too small so I saved it - knowing it would find a home somewhere else. I love using flourishes for stems on my flowers. I don't use flourishes much anywhere else so this works out great.

I finally got my OWH box filled up and made some Any Hero cards. My box will go out in the mail tomorrow!

I also made a bookmark for my niece. She works at a bookstore in VA and wants to read Still Alice so I'm sending it to her. I feel like I should have done more than 3 card designs (18 cards total) and a bookmark. Must be my old age catching up to me : )

I'm loving life and hope you are too. May God's blessings be real in your life...thanks for stopping by,

Saturday, July 3, 2010

What a day - Saturday

Lovely day. I reorganized my scrap room (again) but I didn't like the pics so I deleted them. The room still has red and blue walls (leftover from my son's high school colors). We are going to paint the room - just deciding on the color. When it is done, I'll post new pictures.

After spending all morning reorganizing the craft room, I met DH's family for a late lunch to celebrate my birthday (it was Thurs). We had mexican, my favorite.

I made a couple of cards today. Both were CASEd from the PaperCrafts Magazine (Jul/Aug). I usually don't list the ingredients, but I will start. The biggest problem is I have no idea where some of the paper originated! But here goes.

This is from page 23 - Rae Barthel.
Cardstock: Ivory base, pink textured, sage (leaves)
Background: Webster's Pages Sweet Pea
Circle: Anna Griffen ivory (embossed with Cuttlebug Swiss dots)
Words: DCWV Citrus (cut on Cricut using Lucinda Handwriting)
Misc: Flower is Jean Card, golden crystals, Memento Ink Cantalope (on embossing)

This card is from page 52 - Alicia Thelin
Cardstock: light blue, green, white
Vellum (sentiment printed)
Ribbon: American Crafts premium white
Misc: used Cuttlebug and Sizziz embossing folders (no names on folders)
The card base (blue) is lightly rubbed with MS white ink

I don't usually layer this much. It took me longer than normal to get these done. I only did four of each design. I'll have to retake the pics - sun was going down and lighting in my room is not so good!

Have a good weekend.

Friday, July 2, 2010

What a wonderful Friday

I spent all day in the scrap room! Some of that time was cleaning up the mess I'd left from yesterday and getting all the scraps back into their respective color baggies : )

But I did manage to get some cards made for OWH. Here's a sampling

Thursday, July 1, 2010

shopping and cards

So, I went to 2 different Walmarts because I read on forums that they were clearing out their SB inventory to make room for new...well, one Walmart was just getting rid of their SB stuff, and all they had left was stickers. I did get some letters for $1 each. The other Walmart had the same old, same old stuff on sale and not very low on price (yet). They had started stocking new items - Colorbok (got a pack of 12x12 textured cardstock for $5) and Elmers glue products. Also got the cricut spatula for $5. Odd Lots had MM products (ribbons) for $1.

Cards I made today.

These cards were cased from PaperCrafts magazine (Jul/Aug), page 28 - thanks Sheila Loertscher!

This was so easy - scored and then sanded the scored lines. Simple but looks nice.

This is my favorite from today. This was also CASEd from PaperCrafts (Jul/Aug), page 25 - thanks Teri Anderson

This was CASEd from PC (May/Jun), page 75 - thanks Courtney Baker.

I love creativity of other people - it gives me something to copy and make my own. The blogs I follow are some of the most creative people I've found! Many of their cards are in my sample folder.

It's my birthday!

Woo Hoo!! Okay, enjoy celebration : )

I took today and tomorrow off from work so I have 5 wonderful days at home. When I'm done with my coffee (and surfing the internet), I'm heading out to Walmart to see if ours has the same drastic markdowns that I've been reading about. One lady in Arizona got Cricut carts for less than $10 each (some as low as $5) - really??!! Please, of please, WM give me a b-day gift today!!

Then I'm heading to Michaels/Flower Factory - just to get a cricut spatula. FF has it for less than $5 and I didn't get it - what's wrong with me??

Enjoy your day - I know I will. I have dinner with my sister tonight so it will be a great day all the way around. Only downfall is Brad's sick - bronchitis. So my day home alone (which I love) will not be so alone, but at least its someone I love :) and he won't be in my scrap room.