Thursday, July 1, 2010

shopping and cards

So, I went to 2 different Walmarts because I read on forums that they were clearing out their SB inventory to make room for new...well, one Walmart was just getting rid of their SB stuff, and all they had left was stickers. I did get some letters for $1 each. The other Walmart had the same old, same old stuff on sale and not very low on price (yet). They had started stocking new items - Colorbok (got a pack of 12x12 textured cardstock for $5) and Elmers glue products. Also got the cricut spatula for $5. Odd Lots had MM products (ribbons) for $1.

Cards I made today.

These cards were cased from PaperCrafts magazine (Jul/Aug), page 28 - thanks Sheila Loertscher!

This was so easy - scored and then sanded the scored lines. Simple but looks nice.

This is my favorite from today. This was also CASEd from PaperCrafts (Jul/Aug), page 25 - thanks Teri Anderson

This was CASEd from PC (May/Jun), page 75 - thanks Courtney Baker.

I love creativity of other people - it gives me something to copy and make my own. The blogs I follow are some of the most creative people I've found! Many of their cards are in my sample folder.


  1. I love the title "Just a Note"! I have the music embossing folder, it will look great. I did a WM run too. I scored MS Stamps for $4. Only because they weren't ringing up so the cashier just grabbed the cheapest one and use that price for all of them. My WM had tons of K & Co. stickers but still pricey. Carts were still $45.

  2. Oh wow, so many fab cards! LOVE the Just a Note card!! Although I'm a musical person so I might be a little biased!

  3. Thanks ladies. I love that paper.