Saturday, October 26, 2013

Christmas in October

I've started my Christmas shopping. I've got a few things stashed away.  I even got my Christmas cards almost done. I've got to put the inside sentiment in and address the envelopes.

Oh, how I miss my computer.

Have a great rest of the weekend. Thanks for stopping by, Susan

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Computer Crash :(

My laptop crashed...well, maybe drowned is more accurate. I was carrying it upstairs with a load of other things including a large cup of water.  The water sloshed over and got inside my laptop.  The circuits fried.  The good news is that all the data was saved and is now safely stored on my work computer - which I will back up again - and on a thumb drive.

Had to reload an old laptop (feels like a dinosaur after my little lightweight Toshiba) with my SCAL program and Cricut Design Studio.  I think this is all I'll use this computer for since I have my iPad.

Here are the pages I worked on before the crash but didn't get posted.  Oh, and a card too.

These pages are from my sisters' week in Virginia at my sister's house on the river.  It was so fun and relaxing.  A week of nothing planned except a spa day at home, watching Downton Abbey series, a tea party, and kayaking.  I love spending time with my sisters.

The cards are for  I have Scrapping Saturday this week and I'll be working on page kits.  Saw a tutorial on (videos on all kinds of stuff) and I want to try to organize my paper in kits so crops are so much easier.  Getting my paper together takes me FOREVER.

It's late so I'm heading to bed.  Hopefully my Cricut will connect with this computer and run with my SCAL. Otherwise I'm in trouble.  I don't do cartridges (only have 4).  Makes you appreciate your computer.  So glad I kept it backed up!

Thanks for stopping by.  Susan.