Saturday, October 31, 2009

Worship tonight

Tonight's worship was great. The choir did an awesome job. Praising the Lord with other Christians and incredible

We serve an awesome God. If creation was the only thing He gave us, it would be too much. Flowers, colors, fish, birds, animals, music, aromas, bugs (yes, bugs), and people. So complex, yet so simple in its beauty.

But He gave us so much more. He gave us His Son. His Son left heaven and died in my place. The perfect Son, the perfect person, God and man as one. He lived and died and rose. He did this for me. For you. He did this so we can be reconciled to Father.

If you can, spend some time with other believers and worship Father. Thank Him for his gifts to us. Thank Him for salvation.

My soul is full and my spirit is joyful. My heart is rejoicing.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

12 more Christmas cards done. I will have a good bunch to send to OWH tomorrow. Now I'll start working on mine!

The second card has an insert so the soldier can write more home. Having fun creating! Love my crocadile2. Pati, I hope you approve of my ribbons :P

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Happy 50th Anniversary - Don & Betty

Brad's parents had the 50th anniversary party tonight. Wow - 50 years. At the party were other couples who had celebrated 50 years this year, 55 years, 56 years; then there were us newbies who have celebrated 24 and 20 years!

Busy weekend

I got 33 cards made so far - planning on more tomorrow since I need to mail them to OWH on Monday.

Here are some cards done this weekend.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers

Read Redeeming Love for my book club. What an awesome story. It is based on the story of Hosea and Gomer. Hosea was a prophet in the OT and God told him to marry Gomer - who was a prostitute. She left his love and security several times to return to her old life.

In the book, Sarah traveled a hard road. There were many times, I had tears streaming down my face. This is the type of story I love.

I also realized how much I keep going back to the old life because it is, it's not. It's familiar. Safety is in Jesus. He knows my past, my present and my future - what could be more secure!

Read it. It is a beautiful story showing us the Savior's love for us.

Christmas cards

Here are a few Christmas Cards I finished tonight. Meant to spend only an hour or so...three hours later, I'm off to bed.
I don't like the pictures from my phone. Too tired to go downstairs and bring up my camera. Goodnight.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Results of my latest Card marathon

I bought some dollar items and couldn't wait to get home and do something fun with it! I'm going to work on some Christmas cards and by the end of the week, plan to send them off to OWH.

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Thinking of You card was made using a coaster! I added the flower in the middle The Christmas one was a "copy" of a pattern that I made my own.


Finished my sweater (which is project 2 on my list for this week). I've never attempted anything like this and quite frankly it was much easier than I thought! Had to improvise on the sleeve cuffs, the sleeves weren't long enough so I had to redo the cuffs to make them longer. Then I made them shorter so the sleeves weren't as wide at the bottom.


Yikes, it's been awhile since I've posted. Life is moving along. One awesome thing.. I was in church Sunday and really enjoyed being in service. I know this sounds strange, but I've been struggling with some things and going to church has been tough - looked for any reason to miss.

I love corporate worship but didn't allow myself to get involved. Hurt feelings, that kind of stuff. But why should allow someone else to steal my joy? Get behind me, Satan.

I was doing my 1st Place devotion before service started and it was about God is good. It just struck my heart in a way that made me realize that God is good. Okay, I know that is basic but when I read it...really heard changed my attitude.

God is good. He can't be anything else but good. He can't give anything but good. Everything God gives me is good - even His reproof, instruction, wrath, whatever. He is good so He can't give anything that isn't good.

For some of you, this may be a DUH kind of read, but for me it was like a light went on. I have absolutely no problem relying on God during the tough times in life. In fact, I run to Him and He sustains me. However, when life is moving along with no big crises, I tend to rely on me.

But GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME. He wants me to live in His goodness all the time. He wants to do good through me ALL THE TIME.

My God is good and His goodness fills me. What will I do with it?