Saturday, October 31, 2009

Worship tonight

Tonight's worship was great. The choir did an awesome job. Praising the Lord with other Christians and incredible

We serve an awesome God. If creation was the only thing He gave us, it would be too much. Flowers, colors, fish, birds, animals, music, aromas, bugs (yes, bugs), and people. So complex, yet so simple in its beauty.

But He gave us so much more. He gave us His Son. His Son left heaven and died in my place. The perfect Son, the perfect person, God and man as one. He lived and died and rose. He did this for me. For you. He did this so we can be reconciled to Father.

If you can, spend some time with other believers and worship Father. Thank Him for his gifts to us. Thank Him for salvation.

My soul is full and my spirit is joyful. My heart is rejoicing.

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