Sunday, January 30, 2011

OWH Stars & Stamps sketch 54

Here is the sketch 54 we are using this week at Stars & Stamps blog

and here are my cards

more cards for tonight

Got a lot done tonight...but can't believe it is after 1:30 a.m. I guess when the mojo hits, you gotta give in to it :)

This first card I copied from Scrapbooks, etc. - thanks Vicki Boulin. I thought I had the colorful polka dot paper she used but alas, could not find it. My stems aren't as nice as hers but I like them!

These next two are copied from She Who Must Stamp.

The last two are my own designs - trying to use up the scraps on my table.

I like they way they turned out.

Good night all my crafty friends. I hope to sleep in tomorrow and then get crackin on the Stampin up catalog. Thanks for stopping by, Susan

Saturday, January 29, 2011

monkey card

I bought these googly eyes and wanted to use them so I cut this very cute monkey on my Cricut. Unfortunately I wasn't following a pattern so I was winging the rest of the card. This is not a good idea...I'm not creative on my own (just a really good copier).

I'll have to find some more critters to cut out and then find a card I can recreate!

Had dinner with my Sister-in-law tonight and got the Stampin Up catalog from her. I can't wait to go through it because I know I'm going to find lots of stuff I just can't live without.

I might get crafty later on tonight since the guys are going to be watching the hockey game on the TV that has all the movies taped on it.

Keep your heart open and create something that will change someone's day. Thanks for stopping by, Susan

Jingle Belles & CraftHazelNut's Christmas Card challenge

Here is my card for this week's challenge on both Jingle Belles & CraftHazelNut's Christmas Card challenge blogs. The sketch came from Jingle Belles and using a santa from Hazel.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

a couple more challenges

The Paper Variety has a challenge to use the sentiment: Good friends are like don't always see them but you know they are always there. As soon as I read that, I thought of my best friends - my sisters. I also knew the background paper I'd use. This is a very simply card but very meaningful to me! So, Debbie and Terri - don't look cuz you're getting it in the mail :)

This card is the Stars & Stamps Blog challenge to make a card for our heroes to send home to their kids. I got this digi from a blog hop or contest and loved it. I don't do much coloring with pencils or markers but I like this. Looks like a boy :)

Keep my nephew Alex and cousin Jess in your prayers. Alex is finishing his training in the Marine Corps and Jess is in Afghanistan (he just got in-country this week). Also pray for a good friend of my son's - JT, he is doing his para-rescue training in the Air Force. I'm proud of these young men.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

what's between an inchie and a twinchie??

These carda were inspired by Jill Yegerlehner's card over at Jillibean. It was hard enough doing the 1.5" squares (I did 9 of these cards so that means 54 squares), I don't think I could have done the smaller ones! Altho the smaller ones look great. Maybe another day :)

Good use of scraps. I keep all my squares in a baggie for just such a project. I need the corrugated frames Jill used.

Christmas card challenge

light pink, dark pink, and lime green -- not your typical Christmas colors but I think it came out alright! This is for both my Christmas card challenges - Jingle Belles and Hazel's (her's was to use bling - the 3 crystals and the tree lights!)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Layouts this weekend

This is my newest great-nephew, Alex. He is the 3rd Alex in the family - Alex who is in the Marines (see layout below) and Alex who is a twin to Ethan, born in 2010.

My brother's son, Alex just graduated from the Marine Corp basic training. He is doing his MOS training now (I believe).

My cousin's son Jess just left for Afghanistan this week. Pray for him and his family if you think about it.

keep your heart open to creativity - and change a life. Thanks for stopping by, Susan

Busy weekend - but got some stuff done!

This has been a crazy, emotional weekend. Spent yesterday at an all-day crop with my sister and had a good time. I got three pages done and a couple of sets of cards.

Here are the cards. I'll post again with the layouts - I have to retake those pictures.

This card I CASEd from The Crooked Stamper. I liked the way she scored the top part of the card so I thought I'd try it (and copy her card while I was copying her technique).

Did these too at the crop. Like these papers together so I wanted to put them together.

Here is a card I did for the Stars & Stamp blog challenge #53.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

More Challenge Cards

woot woot...I got my cricut working. I had to download the new firmware for my cricut via Design Studio. Now I have to find my Design Studio registration number and transfer it over so I can use it beyond the trial period (for the rare occasions when I'm not using SCAL.

Then, I had to select the correct firmware edition. I kept choosing 2.1 and it wouldn't work. Finally emailed CraftEdge. Got back into the program and ACTUALLY READ the directions (there were no pictures - that's where I got hung up)...I found that my cricut is on 2.3. I put that in, and viola, it works. Shot off another email to CraftEdge to admit my mistake.

This first card is the midweek challenge at S&S blog. White on White with a splash of Color. I'm actually liking it. I think I'll make more for OWH this weekend at the all-day crop at church.

Since I finally got Cricut working, I was able to cut out this frame for the Christmas Tree Card for CraftyHazelNut's challenge. I'm not happy with it. I have to figure out how I changed the direction of my mat, etc. I love this tree stamp and that was the challenge - use a tree image.

Still feeling under the weather. Had to follow my son to the garage to get his truck fixed this morning so I went into work. I stayed off the phone but didn't feel so good. I think I had a fever in and out. So I left around noon and came home. I still have some work to do -- tonight while I watch Blue Bloods!

Keep your heart open and let your creativity change someone's life. Thanks for stopping by...Susan

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Challenge Cards

I'm home sick today. Had a tickle in my throat yesterday and by bedtime it was a cough and my whole body ache. Today I feel tired and achy. But I did force :) myself into the studio and worked on a few challenges. I have one more card to make but my Cricut is not working with my new laptop - I'm updating firmware as I type so I hope that is all that is needed.

This first card is challenge 34 on OWH Stars & Stamps blog. It's a little on the plain side - I wished I had embossed that bottom strip of paper but I think it is prettier in real life.

This is for OWH Stars & Stamps too. It is challenge number 52.

This one is for The Paper Variety challenge - use pink and black or white. The ribbon is white (even though it looks cream).

I've got one more to finish tonight (if my cricut will cooperate) and then I'll go back to resting.

Stay crafty, Susan

Monday, January 10, 2011

Tonight's cards

I really wanted to use up the scraps on my table this evening. The colors aren't right in my pictures but I don't feel like retaking them. The first two are black and white with yellow accents.

I love the PP at the top. I think this card finishes up what I have in my stash.

Had one of the dinners from Applebees "under 550 calories" menu tonight - grilled chicken w/portabello mushrooms. I don't think my stomach likes portabello I'm off to bed to read until Brad is done watching TV.

Goodnight. Keep your heart open and let your creativity change someone's life. Thanks for stopping by...Susan

Blog Candy

Here is another site offering some yummy candy - and no calories! Go to Cheryl Ann First Expressions blog (hit the candy on the sidebar). Good luck!!

Have you seen this great stamp set?

And you have change to win it at Stars&Stamps Blog. But HURRY, the contest ends tonight (Mon). You'll see some totally awesome cards using these stamps there too.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Finished more cards

This first card took ALL afternoon. I cut the hearts, the bench and the sun from on the Cricut. Couldn't get the sun welded and then kept cutting the wrong size. After about 3 times, I decided to cut 1, check the size and then cut the other 11.

The butterfly helps fill up all that white space but I only had a few so not all of them have one. And it is too big.

Here is the card without the butterfly. I think it's okay because the bench is more centered.

The idea is from Me,My Stamps & I. Her card is much prettier than mine but I loved the idea she had. Her images are stamped and she has a different saying. But I wanted to give her credit since I did use her idea :)

This card looked much better in my head than it does on paper. I don't like working with that felt ribbon.

Well, it's time to figure out what I'm having for dinner. Brad is eating leftovers from lunch (Swiss steak) but I didn't like it enough to eat it again. I hate dieting...because that means no Sunday night pizza :(

Have an awesome week ~ be sure to take some time to craft. Thanks for stopping by, Susan

OWH Sketch 51

Stars & Stamps blog's challenge this week is this sketch.

While watching the weather channel this morning (yes, for our house, this is exciting TV), one of the women had on a pattern black on white skirt, black jacket and yellow shirt. LOVED it. I told my husband - that'd make a great card! Do you do that too? See patterns for scrapping in people's clothes or get layout ideas from certain outfits?

Anyway, here is her, I mean, my card for the challenge. I used drywall tape under the yellow ribbon for the horizontal piece.

Well, I'm off to make some more of these cards since I have a 12x12 sheet of the background paper to use up. I've got to spend a day using scraps only again. My scrap bags (sorted by color) are getting full.

Keep your heart open and let your creativity change someone's life. Thanks for stopping by...Susan

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Christmas Card challenges

Two card challenges. This first one is for the challenge at Jingle Belles - Have A Merry LITTLE Christmas. We were to use inchies on our card. I've learned something about inchies: when you have as large as fingers as me, inchies are hard to work with...but I did it. This is the second go round; I did not like the first one.

This card is for the challenge at CraftyHazelNut. We were to use a free item or recycled item. The stamp "Merry & Bright" came in the mail today (yes, great is that) from JilliBean Soup. I'd won a contest in November and missed seeing the announcement! The other freebie is the round poinsettia embellishment above the words. I won that last year from another group I was in (I can't remember the name right now).

I could probably use both cards on both challenges. The frame on the top card is from the freebie prizes; and the circle on the bottom card is an inch!

Alrighty, I've got 3 cards done for next year. I'm loving these challenges!

Keep crafting and thanks for stopping by, Susan

Thursday, January 6, 2011

January 6 - cards

I wanted to do a few cards using this striped paper but then I cut it wrong and decided I had to use it up. I didn't want to do the same pattern over and over so I changed it up a bit.

The pictures aren't great - I'm still struggling with figuring out my new camera. Sometimes it just won't take the picture. I don't know if the light is not high enough or if the battery is too low. I don't know...I've got to get the book out and read it. I just hate reading manuals.

This is the core-dinations patterned paper - the pattern is already on it and I sanded it down to show the white through.

As for my resolution....don't think I did as well today but I still stayed under my points. Brad made chicken wings and little drummies for dinner. I hate 9 of them - they were small. I think the skin was off so that is better...I did have some blue cheese dressing too. But, overall, I think I did okay. I can't wait to weigh in next week to see how much I've lost (staying positive).

Keep your heart open and let your creativity change someone's life. Thanks for stopping by...Susan

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

So far so good - when it comes to resolutions

I've completed two more challenges tonight. Part of my resolution is to spend time in the craft room AWAY from the TV but I had it on tonight. Those dancers on Live to Dance are amazing.

This card is cased from Me, My Stamps & I. Love the light blue and brown together. The flowers need a little more oomph. I should have inked the edges - you can't really see the brushed ink on the petals.

This card was CASEd from Jillibean's blog, thanks Christy Saeger. This is for a challenge on the OWH Stars & Stamps blog because they are low on "thinking of you" cards.

This card was done using scraps from yesterday's creation. I got my sewing machine out again - it helps that it sits right by my feet under the scrap table.

This card is response to a challenge at The Paper Variety blog. We were to use a snowflake. Love this embossing folder.

Did good on my diet today. I haven't counted my points from dinner but I think it is all good.

Keep your heart open and let your creativity change someone's life. Thanks for stopping by...Susan

Another Christmas Card challenge blog

Here is another blog that is doing a Christmas Card Challenge each week. Ladies, what a great way to get those cards done throughout the year instead of all the week before Christmas!

Take a hop over to CraftyHazelNutsChristmasChallenge and stay in the Christmas Spirit. Here is a sample of Hazel's work - isn't this card ABSOLUTELY beautiful!!

I'm going to try to do both blogs. As Lauren said in my comments, any extra cards can be donated to

Stay crafty, Susan

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

more cards

No challenges tonight but I did work on some cards. This first one is CASEd from my sister-in-law's facebook album (thanks Dina).

I like this one but not thrilled about the way the "trim" came out. This was CASEd from The Paper Variety, thanks April.

I like this one - but wished I had made my circle a little bigger! I love this paper - it's shiny! This was a CASE from Stamping With A Mission

Keep your heart open and let your creativity change someone's life. Thanks for stopping by...Susan