Tuesday, January 4, 2011

more cards

No challenges tonight but I did work on some cards. This first one is CASEd from my sister-in-law's facebook album (thanks Dina).

I like this one but not thrilled about the way the "trim" came out. This was CASEd from The Paper Variety, thanks April.

I like this one - but wished I had made my circle a little bigger! I love this paper - it's shiny! This was a CASE from Stamping With A Mission

Keep your heart open and let your creativity change someone's life. Thanks for stopping by...Susan


  1. psst... Susan!! You won a Jillibean Soup giveaway and I need your mailing address! :)



  2. Thanks for giving me (Stamping With a Misson) credit for your case but I totally do not recognize this card - are you sure it was my blog? It's lovely and am happy for the traffic but I don't want to take credit for someone elses creativity.

    I love your closing sentiment on your blog. I read it with every post just to feel the warm fuzzy in my heart from it. :)

  3. Lisa - you are right. Yours is the bottom one! I fixed it in the post. Thanks :)