Sunday, January 2, 2011

Some pics from VA trip

We had a great time in Virginia. Spent New Years Eve with my niece and nephew and watching Jane Eyre for 4 hours with my sisters. Went to a dinner theatre and saw A Christmas Carol - it was very good. Also went to the Grinch ice show. All the sculptures were carved from ice - very cool (literally!).

My niece Barbara does NOT like her picture take - so if I manage to get her face, it is usually on the sly - hence the blurriness!

To see the ice show, you walked through the sculptures. Since it was only 9 degrees, we had to dress in these very bulky parkas.

Once Benji got his on, he was not happy. He simply laid down and played asleep :) He is such a character.

A beautiful angel overseeing the nativity on the other side of the room.

An ice wall

Some of the pictures by Dr. Seuss. We decided that the first one is Terri and the second one is me and Debbie :)
such a sexy momma

Here is cutey-patooty Benji. Once he warmed up to us, we had a great time.

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