Monday, June 18, 2012

Scrapping Everyday Miracles Challenge #17 & June Sketch

Hello ladies.  I was so glad to get together with my girls on Saturday.  It was the first outing I've had since my surgery.  It felt good to be away from the house.  Recovery is going well - I even worked for a few hours today.  I'm blessed to have my office in my house so the compute was easy :D  I'm also blessed to have two employees who can handle the day-to-day business without me.

Then it was time to scrapbook!  Since I can kick back in my scrap room and take it easy, I was able to put together this page.

The challenge at Scrapping Everyday Miracles is to create a page celebrating groups and the twist is to cluster embellishments.  I'm also using the June Sketch for this layout.

I meet with 3 girlfriends every Saturday at Panera Bread.  We talk and talk and talk.  It is so much fun.  We talk about everything from the sermon at church to menopause to goofy people in the park to books we are reading to how we are feeling .... and so much more.  I really love having these ladies in my life.

I'm off to my recliner.  I still get tired easy and my stomach is hurting (so it's time to medicate!).  I did sleep all night in my bed - which is a first in 10 days.  I've been sleeping in the recliner downstairs or the big chair in my room.

Let your creativity change someone's life.  Susan

Telephone scraplift

You know how to play Telephone - the first person whispers something to the next person and they repeat it in a whisper to the next and so on until the end of the line.  Then it is fun to hear what the last person heard - which is never the same as the first person!

Well, we played that with scraplifting.  The first person started with a layout that was passed to the second which was passed to the third.  It is so fun to see how the last layout is so different from the first.

Here are my layouts:

The fun is not knowing what I'm supposed to be lifting - the layout, the theme, the embellies...but all the pages ended up beautiful.

Get involved with a group of scrappers - whether in person or virtually through blogs or facebook. I'm really enjoying getting to know women from all over the world and seeing their incredible talent.

Thanks for stopping by.  Susan

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Cards 6-14-12

These were all inspired by Flowers and Ink blog.  Thanks for stopping by.  Susan

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Music is Love

The inspiration for this card came from Flowers & Ink blog.  I used some of my new Glimmer Mist on the doily and cut with my cricut the tag, black fancy circle, and notes.  The tag is a little too large but it will do :D

Thanks for stopping by.  Susan

Saturday, June 9, 2012

too much info?

I just had a hysterectomy.  I'm relieved because my monthlies were terrible (causing anemia and exhaustion).  Unfortunately, the plan to leave an ovary (to avoid instant menopause) had to be abandoned because I had a lot of endometriosis.  So now I start a new phase in my life - menopause.

My sisters and I asked my Mom what menopause was like for her.  She said she doesn't remember going through it.  WOW ~ I hope that's genetic :)  We asked her how Grandma did and she said she didn't discuss such things with her mother! My older two sisters have not started menopause so I have no barometer there.

My doctor explained it this way. Entering menopause is like taking a trip to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. There are 2 ways to get there - the slow, winding donkey ride down or jumping off the edge. I jumped. Therefore, the symptoms which may have come on gradually may come on in a hurry.

But, I pray.  I pray that God will give me favor and the symptoms will not be overwhelming.  I pray that I will go through this time with grace and kindness (moodiness is a symptom).  I pray for my husband and family to be patient with me.  I pray.

Right now I'll concentrate on recovery from surgery. My body is sore (naturally). The gas they pump in during the surgery causes pain until it is gone. When I lay down it is worse so I sit up to sleep. I'm thankful for the recliner sofas we bought! That's what I want to focus on...being thankful for all I have.  I'm actually surprised that I'm as mobile and not in as much pain as I thought I would be. 

So my scrapping friends...say a prayer if you think of me.  Leave me comments if you have any suggestions for combating symptoms.  If you have a favorite sketch that you've used, email me the layout you did with it (shmi2 @ sbcglobal .net).  I hope to spend some time scrapping while I'm recuperating and I love lifting others' work!

Keep your hearts open - you will change a life with your creativity.  Susan