Saturday, June 9, 2012

too much info?

I just had a hysterectomy.  I'm relieved because my monthlies were terrible (causing anemia and exhaustion).  Unfortunately, the plan to leave an ovary (to avoid instant menopause) had to be abandoned because I had a lot of endometriosis.  So now I start a new phase in my life - menopause.

My sisters and I asked my Mom what menopause was like for her.  She said she doesn't remember going through it.  WOW ~ I hope that's genetic :)  We asked her how Grandma did and she said she didn't discuss such things with her mother! My older two sisters have not started menopause so I have no barometer there.

My doctor explained it this way. Entering menopause is like taking a trip to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. There are 2 ways to get there - the slow, winding donkey ride down or jumping off the edge. I jumped. Therefore, the symptoms which may have come on gradually may come on in a hurry.

But, I pray.  I pray that God will give me favor and the symptoms will not be overwhelming.  I pray that I will go through this time with grace and kindness (moodiness is a symptom).  I pray for my husband and family to be patient with me.  I pray.

Right now I'll concentrate on recovery from surgery. My body is sore (naturally). The gas they pump in during the surgery causes pain until it is gone. When I lay down it is worse so I sit up to sleep. I'm thankful for the recliner sofas we bought! That's what I want to focus on...being thankful for all I have.  I'm actually surprised that I'm as mobile and not in as much pain as I thought I would be. 

So my scrapping friends...say a prayer if you think of me.  Leave me comments if you have any suggestions for combating symptoms.  If you have a favorite sketch that you've used, email me the layout you did with it (shmi2 @ sbcglobal .net).  I hope to spend some time scrapping while I'm recuperating and I love lifting others' work!

Keep your hearts open - you will change a life with your creativity.  Susan

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