Thursday, October 30, 2014

Marathon box

My sisters ran their first (and possibly only) 1/2 Marathon in Columbus a few weekends ago.  Here is the project I made for them.  It is a keepsake box that they can put their medal in if they want.

Thanks for stopping by.  Susan

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Completed pages {finally}

I print pictures on scrap paper before I scrap them.  I can print them on photo paper once I know what size will work best with my layout.  There a few downfalls to this method.  First, I get layouts done and then it takes me forever to get the pictures printed!  Secondly, I scrapped the same pictures twice (not just one set but several!).  And then there's the exceptionally long blog post with ALL the pretty layouts.  I do hope you enjoy them.

Oh, and a few cards that were still on the camera!

I had a great time in VA Beach, even though Hurricane Arthur shook our house.  The first trip to VA Beach was right after Sandy.  Our first night in the house we had no electric.  This was the first hurricane I actually experienced.  Okay, it was just lots of rain and very strong winds but it was still scary.  Laying in bed wondering if I should pack up and get out of there.  The house shook and shuddered.  I almost snuck downstairs to crawl in bed with my older sister - which I did as a kid.  But we made it through safely and no damage.

 Love the picture of my great-nephew in his "terminator" bunny mask.

 The first of many 5Ks.  My sisters are running a 1/2 Marathon this weekend and I'm so proud of them.  I have 2 more 5Ks scheduled for this year and one during the Pittsburgh marathon in May.
Have a wonderful day...week...month (not sure when I'll post again!).  Open your heart and let your creativity touch someone.  Susan