Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday afternoon cards

Here are the cards I finished today...and I actually know who to give credit to!

This cute truck is delivering loads of love to some boy from his dad or mom serving. I used the Cricut to cut the truck (and wheels), cloud, sun and hearts. I tore Kraft paper for the dirt. It took some time to assemble 6 of these of OWH but well worth it. Thank you Melanie Blackburn, Jillibean Soup, for the inspiration.

I saw a similar card on Stampin With Di's site. I love teddy bears. When my husband were dating and first married, every card we gave each other had a teddy bear on it. We still try to do cards with TBs. Di's card had something like "sending hugs" and I fell in love with it. Guess what, it is not so easy to find a teddy bear stamp (at least at Michaels, but I did look online too). I did find this baby boy stamp set. Since I had coupon (50%), I got the whole set for around $3 which is what I would have paid for the bear alone! While looking for the bear, I found the Thinking Of You thought stamp. I'm going to have to do a lot more with these stamps.

I got inspiration for this card from She Who Must Stamp. Although I loved the card I cased, I'm not sure mine came out with as much wow factor. I think my yellows are too muted. The patterned piece in the middle should have had more umph.

Don't know if I'll get back in here tonight. Hubby has gone golfing so I think I'll see if there is a good movie on TV. Tomorrow is back to work...I'm still wishing for the 5-day weekend, 2-day work week (but I've been told that I have several years before that will be a reality for me!).

Have a great week. Susan

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