Monday, July 5, 2010

Cards done on 7-5-10

Slept in this morning til 9:30 - that's late for me. I did stay up to around 2 a.m. finishing a book...Still Alice. This is the story of a woman diagnosed with early Alzheimers disease. It was an excellent read - well written and captivating. I highly recommend it. It helped me see what people with this disease and their families go through. I'm thankful I didn't have to deal with my parents going through this and PRAY my husband and son don't have to go through it with me (thankfully, we haven't seen it manifest in anyone).

On to cards for today. I did the ingredients for cards yesterday but I have to admit that I'm not a detail person. It took me as long to write everything down as it did to do the card. Most of my paper and cardstock is loose so I don't know the manufacturer or line (or even the real name for the color). I get a package of something and tear it open and sort it by color - sorry :p

If you see something you like and want to ask where it came from, I'll be happy to try to figure it out, but good luck! I get most my embellies on sale on Joanns (dollar bin), Michaels or Odd Lots (or Big Lots...I'm not sure what it's called here).

I also CASE most of my cards. When I first started cardmaking, I went to many, many blogs and copied pictures of cards to a word doc so I could look at them later and copy them. Unfortunately it never occurred to me to indicate where I copied them from. I over 700 "samples" in my docs. So, for all of you who see your designs, THANK YOU and I'm sorry I can't give you credit - even though you rightfully deserve it.

This is all me : ) I started the scalloped circle for something else and it was too small so I saved it - knowing it would find a home somewhere else. I love using flourishes for stems on my flowers. I don't use flourishes much anywhere else so this works out great.

I finally got my OWH box filled up and made some Any Hero cards. My box will go out in the mail tomorrow!

I also made a bookmark for my niece. She works at a bookstore in VA and wants to read Still Alice so I'm sending it to her. I feel like I should have done more than 3 card designs (18 cards total) and a bookmark. Must be my old age catching up to me : )

I'm loving life and hope you are too. May God's blessings be real in your life...thanks for stopping by,


  1. Beautiful cards, love the one with the large scallops.

  2. Thank Yolie. was playing with my cricut :)

  3. These are lovely! What a selfless act to send cards to the soldiers.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Good luck!