Sunday, May 2, 2010

I'm finally getting caught up on my Lifetime Story. I was behind several weeks. I combined several topics.

My "what I wanted to be when I grew up" didn't take more than one page so I combined it with my teen years. I then combined by teen years with writing a letter to myself from me today to me then. I didn't do much as a teen but maybe I'll supplement as I think about stuff - I just don't have pictures.

My school years weren't very interesting - especially since I moved so much during high school - so instead of doing one week of elementary and one week for high school, I just did them all together.

I've got two more projects to finish before I go back to cards - scrap-retreat and Brad's fishing trip. I spent so much time organizing my room (again) that it was dinner time before I got much scrapping done!

I treated myself to new shelves for NSD (National Scrapbook Day). I removed two tables from the room and took the doors off two of the cabinets. Got to spread my stuff out even more - for me, it's outta sight, outta mind. So I need to see it all.

Here is a close-up of my new shelves. Easy peasy to put together - no tools required! And they look great.

Probably no more scrapping tonight - my muscles ache from lifting the footlockers and the old desk top that sat on them and moving everything out to the hall (my son will need to move them from upstairs to the basement!) and moving the old shelves around. I should go soak in the tub...but that would require me to move!

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