Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day

I spent Memorial Day making cards for OWH ( to send to our heroes so they can use them to write home. I love making these cards for the obvious reason because they honor our soldiers but also because I can play around with different ideas. These are a few of the 69 cards I got done - hoping to make 31 more before Thurs so I can get them sent out. Will have my kids on Wednesday night write Any Hero letters.

I love the one on the right

oops, sorry this is sideways :P
I was on Columbus Scrappers forum and someone started a topic on embossing vellum - I've been having fun with that.

This is the one project I did for - my store. This is a small notepad you can keep in your purse or next to the phone. You can refill the paper easily because I use a binder clip to hold it together. Great gifts for teachers or to tuck into a basket, pair it with a cool pen.

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