Sunday, May 16, 2010

Two more cards for today!

Two more sets of cards. I bought this paper pack at Hobby Lobby when it was 1/2 off. Got a ton of awesome patterned, textured paper for $10. I love the colors because they are good for boys/men.

Most of the cards I do are very feminine. I really noticed this when my hubby asked for a card for his dad's birthday. Didn't think he's appreciate all the flowers, bows, ribbons, etc. that were on my cards. LOL :O

Had one more set of cards with this paper I wanted to get done (more feminine), but hubby asked if I wanted to watch the new Mel Gibson movie with him...duh, Mel Gibson...yeah!!

These, and the ones I did earlier today, will be going to the store soon. If you think about it, spread the word that you can purchase beautiful hand-made cards at prices below store bought ones at


  1. Two great cards! I love how you prettied up the insides!

  2. thanks. most of my cards have been plain inside and I've seen more and more blogs where the cards are "fancied up" and I like it.