Friday, May 7, 2010

Great Day - got lots done

I got busy today after going to the doctor (just a check up - all is well). I did some purging - well....the stuff is still here but sitting on the dining table ready to bag up for charity.

I also got a lot of cards completed. This first one is one of my favorites.

This is a complete lift from Jillibean. Love the Core-Impressions paper!!!

Another favorite. It is just so sweet. Started out completely different but I didn't like it so tore off the original design.

I don't use staples often but they really work on these card.

Tomorrow is book club and then lunch at Thurman Cafe. I wanted to go somewhere different. Was going to the Ohio Deli (home of the Dagwood) but Brad decided I'd like the Thurman Cafe better! This is my Mother's Day dinner.

Then Sunday is dinner with Brad's Mom at China Bell.

Happy Mother's Day! To those of you who have lost your mothers (as I have), I pray Sunday is a day of remembering her with a smile in your heart.

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