Saturday, June 5, 2010

More cards

I've been able to work on cards this weekend for OWH. Love it. I get to play with patterns and lifts and try different techniques.

I got the three ribbons at the bottom on a spool from either Odd Lots or Tuesday Morning. I didn't realize how much was on the spool. I've made around 12 cards with it and still have a bunch left!

I love this card. I didn't care much for rub-ons, but I'm digging the letters.

This card is so much prettier in person. I really need a better camera or a better "studio". Maybe I'll look for an inexpensive ... whatever those things are called that you use to take picture of stuff for like E-bay.

I like this card because I used some of my Mom's ribbon. I figure she'd be real happy to know her craft supplies are being used for cards for our soldiers.

This is my favorite one this weekend (so far). The string/bow is made from fishing line that my husband bought and decided not to use.

Taking a little break and then I'll head back upstairs later on. A storm is moving in and I enjoy listening to the thunder rolling and the rain hitting the house.

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