Friday, June 25, 2010

An evening of card-making and Praise & Worship

I received two prizes in the mail today...WOW, 2 in one day...I'm certainly blessed : )

The ribbon on this card was part of one prize packet and the stamp was a cheapy one from Flower Factory (love cheapy stuff). The flowers are from Michaels (had to cover them with Diamond Glaze so the sparkly won't flake off). The kraft paper for the card is also from Michaels - they were having a sale...$2.50 for 50 sheets - love it!!

Ribbon again from prize. I'm trying to use up letters creatively - the "h" is a "y" and the "e" is a "c" - had to bend it a little.

more ribbon from prize and the stamp "thinking of you" was a part of it. It is a set of 4 round stamps (for you, friend, thank you). Love them. The green flower is felt from the second prize packet.

Another flower from the prize back. Do you love the drywall tape! It is one of my favorite "household" items to use on my cards.

Ribbon and green flower again. I know you can't see the embelly on the flower but it is very sparkly but not a gem. I love it (clearly I'm in "love" mood tonight).

I got 16 cards done for OWH tonight while watching/singing with Praise & Worship from my church on the internet.

Used my new tape gun tonight:

It looks BIG ... and it is, but it is surprisingly easy to operate. I've been stockpiling tape whenever I find it on lots of tombow, adtech, and pro glider...and now 11 extra rolls of tape for this one! I shouldn't need to buy adhesive for quite some time.


  1. I'm glad to see you were able to use some of the prize materials. The ribbon looks great!

  2. Thanks, Jeanne. I'm looking forward to using your flowers - but I think I want to save them for a scapbook page rather than a card :)

  3. Susan, the cards are beautiful.. How awesome you made them for OWH! Thats so kind of you! Have a fabulous weekend :)