Saturday, June 12, 2010

The weekend is here!

I'm so glad for the weekend. Got up at 7 - just like any day, but enjoyed having breakfast with Brad at Rise & Dine. Got the pancakes - she said they were large so I got 2. Should've gone with 1...left over half on my plate!

Getting ready for book club (finishing up the end of the last chapter this morning...oops, good book, just started reading it too late). This is one I'm going to read again - with Brad. It is called Forgotten God and is about the Holy Spirit. After reading it I realize that I have not allowed the Holy Spirit to have control in my life. I've maintained control and just allowed Jesus to be apart of my plans. Wow...

Later, I'll be playing in my scrap room. I just got my PaperCrafts magazine in the mail and can't wait to lift some designs.

Have an awesome weekend. If I get some cards done, I'll be sure to post.

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