Thursday, April 29, 2010

cheap storage!

I hate to spend money - unless it is on scrapbooking supplies! I needed to get my supplies organized and was looking for some kind of shelving unit for my scrap room. I found this double crate shelf at the thrift store for $1.91. Can you believe it. I put curtain rods half through the crates and added thick foam board to make two extra shelves.

I feel better about having all my ribbons, inks, stickles, stamps, embellies, bling, flowers, brads, etc. out where I can see them. Maybe I'll actually start using them more : )

Shared my scrapping space with someone tonight and learned that two people cannot work at one table. Well...maybe because she had a big poster board, that makes a difference. Can't wait to see if me and my sister will be able to work at the same table (she's making jewelry). If not, I'll reorganize the room again so 2 tables are pushed together (like at Pati's house). But that means I'll need another shelf (or 2) for all the fun stuff sitting on the extra table. And I'll need to lose some weight so my behind doesn't knock down my shelves when I scoop around them :O (yes, I went there)

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