Monday, February 15, 2010

The Funnel concept

Josh McDowell, renown youth speaker, was at church Sunday along with a woman from Relationships Under Construction. She gave an illustration that I wanted to share.

When we live life on the wide road, it's like living on the wide end of the funnel. Everything is wide-open for us. However, our poor decisions will funnel us down to very few choices and a narrow quality of life.

However, when we live life on the narrow way - its like living on the narrow end of funnel. As you move through life, the choices and rewards you have become wide open.

God's blessings comes to us when we live according to His plan. If you'd like to hear the actual message, because she explains it much better than I did hear, go to
and choose the video from 2-14-10. Josh McDowell gave an awesome talk as well.

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