Saturday, February 27, 2010

Card - 2-27-10

I only got one design done today and only six of these cards! But I did do my Lifetime Story pages (which took much longer than I thought!).

These are the first embossed cards (if you don't count the tiny piece I embossed for a few cards the other day). You may notice (I'm sure you will now since I'm pointing it out) that on the front card, I embossed the bottom leafy piece backwards! : P

Oh well, there's always a learning curve with a new piece of equipment. My Sizziz Texture Boutique is new. It is the perfect size for my cards and will carry easy for crops. And it is so darn cute : )

Gotta get ready for church - going tonight instead of Sunday morning (hmmm...I could get used to this sleeping in on the weekends); then out to dinner with friends.

Hopefully I'll get more done tomorrow...or maybe I'll spend the day reading instead. We'll see what mood I'm in.

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