Sunday, March 13, 2011

Happy Sunday!

It was a happy Sunday today. I went to church this morning and Pastor Dale had an excellent sermon. I came home and spent most of the day in my scrap room. Got lots of work done (as you will see). Thank you Pati for all the yummy supplies you gave me - I used a lot of the scraps to make these cards.

Kris Allan with posted this on facebook:
"I've been using the cards you sent us for months to write my family and friends at home. Just this week we got another box from you and I had to write a thank you. It is always nice for people at home to receive a written message - it's much more personal - and fun for us to get any kind of mail. So thank you!! Thank you for supporting us, for the wonderfully made cards that make Hallmark look cheap, and for being a great American. Thanks so much from all of us in Afghanistan." K.L., USAF
This is why I make these cards. Change a life with your creativity. Thanks for stopping by, Susan

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