Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Need some prayer

My boss, who is more than boss, he's been a big part of my life for 18 years, is terminally ill. Jim only has a short while (Hospice is coming in) before passing from this life to his eternal home with Father. He has made a huge impact in the lives of some many people - mine included.

He has been a friend, a mentor, a confidant, a boss, a brother, a father-figure. My first real glimpse of his generosity was right after I started working with him. My mother was having emergency surgery in Louisiana and I wanted to get there quick but didn't have money on my credit card to buy the airline ticket. Without missing a beat, he passed his credit card over the desk and said not to worry about paying him back. When I could, would be okay.

He's been a mentor to a lot of people - on purpose and sometimes just through association with him. He has been working with The Refuge - an organization that takes broken men and guides them to wholeness. The change in the lives of these men would light Jim on fire - he loved to see them transform into productive, responsible, strong Christian men.

Please pray for relief from the pain he is in and for strength in faith. Pray for his wife Nancy as she has endured so much and will miss him so much. Pray for his daughters and grandchildren. And I ask you pray for me. This has been an emotional journey for me as I take care of running the business and preparing to purchase it.

My heart is heavy tonight. I'm not an emotional person but the knot at the end of the rope is slipping. I know the Lord is with Jim and his family and will give them (and all of us who are affected) comfort and peace because He is Faithful and promised that He would never leave us. I just felt like I needed to ask for prayer (it is hard for me to ask for help).


  1. I'm so sorry to learn of the suffering your boss is enduring. I'm touched by his kindness, and the admiration you have for him! I don't even know you, but I wish you peace in the coming days and my prayers are with you and his family during this difficult time. {hugs}

  2. thanks Carol, it means a lot to me