Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cards 3-15-11

It's Tuesday night and NCIS and NCIS LA are on - we watch them as a family. But tonight they were reruns - what to do?? The guys were watching Blue Jackets hockey so I headed to my scrap room.

I am using up more scraps. These letters were given to me and I decided I was going to use them somehow on cards. Had to play with spelling and making some letters into others but I like they way they came out.

Isn't this mom card pretty?

This heart has glitter on it and I debated using it. I rubbed it on my sleeve to see if the glitter would come off. It didn't but I decided to use Diamond Glaze over it anyway. Better safe than sorry :)

These cards are for a challenge over at OWH Stars & Stripes.

Thanks for stopping by, Susan


  1. Nice cards! The combination of all the different papers on the OWH sketch card makes it really interesting. It makes me want to look at it on square at a time and envision what the whole sheet looked like. Great job combining them!

  2. Cute cards, Susan. I like the mix of papers on your sketch tile card! Thanks for joining us in this week's OWH Stars & Stamps Sketch Challenge!