Sunday, October 24, 2010

Quiet Sunday

Had a great day today.

Our satellite is out so we spent a quiet morning reading the paper together. Then Brad cooked a delicious meal of short-ribs, mashed potatoes and green beans (Hoggy's style with red peppers and bacon). David and Sydney and my sister Debbie were here for dinner.

Debbie came over to finish her scrapbook she is making as a gift - her first project. I'm excited to see her enjoying it. She thinks she wants to make cards. That'll be something fun we can do together. Next step is to get her involved in OWH.

Got some pictures printed for scrapping. Didn't realize how many pages I have to do. Let's see, Olivia's baby pages (she's 3), the twins (they were just born), LaShaun (he was born this summer), homecoming, and some misc pics. Also I went through old, old photo albums and removed all the pictures on the yellowing sticky pages and sorted them - I'll start scrapping them soon.

I've got to get to making cards again for OWH. I keep reading about the need and I feel so guilty. I have about 30 done so if I can't get myself in gear, I'll get those in the mail.

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and are ready for the work week ahead.

Oh, for those you read about my boss...he is doing so much better. Was in the hospital for several days but a nutritionist talked with him and they gave him some direction. He is doing so much better - up walking for 20 minutes at a time and able to some driving. This is a VAST improvement. Keep praying as he (Jim) and his wife (Nancy) are both going thru chemo (he has lung cancer and she had breast cancer). God is doing an amazing work through them.

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