Saturday, October 2, 2010

Happy World Card Making Day

Today is world card making day. I hope I'll get upstairs to make a card or two but I don't think so...lots of errands today.

Got up early and ordered the Deal of the Day on Staples - an Olympus SLR camera for $350 (regular $600). Had the drywall guys come and finish the one-day job (this morning was day 3). Then had to clean up after them (ugh). Went to book club. Now I'm waiting for my hubby to get home from golfing so we can go look at interior doors at Home Depot. But first we are going to Ben & Joys in Mt Sterling for lunch. They got "five bellies" from the Bass Brothers on 610 Radio!

I'm ready for bed...and it's only 1:30 : )

Have a great day and try to be crafty. I hope to get back to card making real soon.


  1. I love Ben and Joys!! I am excited about your camera... you have been waiting a long time!! Good for you :) I need to run and make a card.. I have my errands done but I have to go to the competition... so while I wait I decided to do a blog hop... not getting to much done!! haha

  2. Did you get to make any cards? Sad to say, but my studio sat empty ALL day long. Oh well, there will be other days to make cards. =)

  3. No I didn't! I made one on Sunday for my nephew's b-day. I'm just not in the groove - got too much on my plate right now.