Sunday, October 31, 2010

Finally some scrapbook pages done!

Brad, David and I were in Lexington and laughed so hard we cried when David strapped himself to the upright roll-away bed.

My niece had twins - she is the daughter of my oldest brother who is a twin (my mom also had triplets)

Olivia is the sister of the new twins. I realized I hadn't done a page for her (I'm trying to do a page for all my great nieces and nephews).

I've got one more nephew to get caught up on (Lashaun was born this summer) and one who should be coming tomorrow (mom is being induced if he doesn't make his appearance before 5 am tomorrow). Then I have homecoming pictures to scrap.

Having fun with my Cricut and SCAL!


  1. Wow how fun so many duplicates in your family! :)

    Beautiful layouts...the Olivia layout is so beautiful! :)

  2. thank you...I only have a son so it was fun to work on a girly page :)