Thursday, February 5, 2009

From my devotion today I read the following:
God knows the answer to every question and is perfectly capable of revealing it at just the right time. We may not have a dream that needs interpreting like Nebuchadnezzar, but the point is the same—God has the answers we need. When life presents questions that we cannot answer, we can turn to the One who has every answer.

I felt a nudge to file this away in my heart (and send it to a few others to do the same). I pray the Lord is not taking me into another season of suffering. But if He does, I know that He has all the answers - whether He reveals them to me or not!

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  1. Fear is not from the Lord...Fear is not from the Lord... I will keep saying that to me, in case He prompted you to tell me!!! (throwing a fit on the floor) no more no more!!! :)