Sunday, May 15, 2011

Shopping Our Stash Weekly challenge

There's a new site over at Shopping Our Stash Weekly challenge that I'm anxious to get involved in. You are challenged to use stuff in your stash - no going out and buying something new. I like this because I'm trying to put myself on a scrap diet :P

But then my sister calls and invites me to Flower Factory! But I only spent $3 - 2 pieces of cardstock and 2 spools of ribbon. And then there's the ribbon I just got on sale from Stampin Up...stop, stop finding those great deals. I need use my stuff.

Anyway, the first challenge, which really isn't a challenge, is to show your stash/scrap room. So here is what it looks like today. I know, it needs cleaned up. But I'm not in that mood so it stays a mess. I keep trying to use the stuff on my table before reaching for other supplies, but alas, I always seem to need something that I haven't got out!

Hop on over and take a look and get ready for some great challenges. I'll see you there (assuming I dig myself from under this mess!). Thanks for stopping by. Susan


  1. Oh I love those baskets! What a great idea and way to organize! I am so glad you joined us at Shopping Our Stash! Hope to see you again!

  2. NICE BASKETS! And, un, how can you go to a craft store and spend ONLY $3???? :)

    Thanks for showing us your crafty space, and for joining us over at SOS! We hope to get you (and ourselves) using what we've got!

  3. I love the baskets too, they are so pretty!! Congrats to you for only spending $3.00 at the scrap store. I don't think I'm capable of that!! Thanks for sharing your space with us over at SOS :)

  4. scrap diet? i am supposed to be on one of those too, but I fell off the wagon on Saturday! Must get back on again....great basket space...thanks for joining in the SOS challenge.

  5. Love your baskets, who wants to be on a diet. Fluffy is good.

  6. Ohhhh! I adore your baskets! They're fantastic. And about your scrap diet...umm...this is something *I* totally need to be on. Is there a 12-step plan? ;) Your space is really great, though. Love your desk and sewing machine!

    Thanks for playing along with the SOS crew! :)

  7. Thanks ladies!! I have so much stuff (to my standards!) and I need to use what I have before I start buying more. Otherwise, the new stuff sits with the old stuff and nothing gets used up.

    Maybe its a hoarding problem. Cuz I like fluff too :)