Friday, November 26, 2010

Cards for OWH

I got to spend time in my scrap room today! I love long weekends.

The first two cards were inspired by a card from She Who Must Stamp blog.

This card was made with flowers I got at Odd Lots for $2.

This card was inspired by Michelle Phillippe's card in PaperCrafts magazine (Sep/Oct, pg 53)

Still don't have the hang of my new camera. Can't figure out why I can't get them to focus (it is supposed to be auto). The flash doesn't want to take (a green button keeps flashing at me and the picture never takes) but when I turn it off, I get the blur. I guess I'll have to breakdown and actually read the book that came with it.

Hope you all enjoyed your Black Friday - no shopping for me. I don't like shopping on a regular day, I certainly wouldn't attempt to do it today!

Thanks for stopping by, Susan

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