Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I didn't make any resolutions for the New Year. But I am trying to get healthy. I'm watching my eating and starting at the Y. Okay, I've gone once, but I had church tonight so I couldn't go anyway. Planning on going tomorrow - even if the snow is bad (we have 4-wheel drive). Want to get to the place where I enjoy going - actually look forward to it!

Eating is getting better. I'm aware of what I'm eating - which is good. Trying to watch portion size - thanks to Smart Ones at lunch this has been somewhat easy.

I also want to be more creative ~ rather spend time more time creating. I saw some really great resolutions to expand their creativity - trying new techniques, etc. I think that's a great idea but for now, I just want to spend more time creating - working on projects.

Nothing earth shattering - but something to work on.

Right now, I'm exhausted and have a horrible headache. I think I'll head to bed. Goodnight all. Be safe tomorrow. Snow may cause driving to be tricky tomorrow and then drifting may make Friday dicey too.

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