Saturday, January 23, 2010


Today I got my haircut. I love my hairdresser (is this what they are called?) - Karla. She is a sweetheart and I enjoy visiting with her when she's chopping off my hair. The first thing Brad said was, are you going to be recreate that style? :) Funny - I never can but at least it looks super cute for a day or two!!

Karla was blessed with tons of scrapbooking stuff from a friend who is no longer scrapping. Sad for the friend but super-excited for Karla. I know how much I love when friends go thru their supplies and give me their cast offs. It's fun to go thru and see products you'd never buy or didn't know what to do with.

I have decided that when things settle down at home and we know what direction everything is going, that I'm going to have an electrician come in and put overhead lights in my basement so I can organize it for scrapping parties. Just not sure I want to scrap by myself in the basement :) I will keep thinking this thru (the basement isn't finished but I have a large carpet piece that I can put down). The biggest downfall is that there are no windows - except one small one in the storage area of the basement. Oh well, I'll keep thinking on this (I know, I said I had decided but I think I just talked myself out of it). LOL

On to more exciting things...The Lord called me to get up this morning at 4:00. That's AM. I'm not a morning person and I will admit that I argued with Him for 30 minutes before finally getting up and coming downstairs. I prayed for a little bit and got my Bible to read. I asked, Lord, what is it that I should be reading? And He said, where your book mark is. It was in 1 Tim - talking about elders, deacons, widows. I'm thinking, I got up at 4:30 a.m. to read about this?

Then I prayed some more and God asked me a simple question - what do you want? My answer...I want answers, direction. Brad and I are faced with a circumstance and we aren't really sure what to do. Well, if you know me, you know I know what I want to do...but I want to be sure we do God's will.

In thinking about 1 Timothy, Paul instructed Timothy in his ministry. Paul was giving Timothy counsel. God kept saying to me, seek wise counsel. Not just counsel but wise counsel.

God is so good. I talked with Brad about it and we have a plan (and it is not the path of least resistance). God will be with us and we'll do the right thing and it may hurt...but we'll have victory in the end. So, if we come to mind, pray that we'll hear what He is telling us and we'll have the courage to go that way.

Have a great weekend. I'm off to eat lunch and spend the rest of the day (hopefully) in my scrapbook room.

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