Sunday, December 23, 2012

New Front Door

Here are pictures of my new front door.  I just love it.  So...let me know if you think I should keep the sidelights white or paint the trim in red.

Here is a photoshop rendering of red sidelights - I know it looks bad but I've never been good at coloring.
Thanks for stopping by...hopefully I'll get back to crafty stuff next week.  I'm off all week but with the renovations who knows how many times I'll have to run to Home Depot!

Have a wonderful Christmas.  Susan


  1. I like it with the sidelights white. Makes the door stand out more!

  2. Thanks Donna. That's what the majority of people are saying!

  3. Painting the sidelights the same color as your door would make it appear wider. Its appearance from afar won’t be too attractive as having it in plain white. You may also want to paint those three rectangular details white – just to emphasize the door even more. Oh, and I suggest changing your outdoor lamp. The green light doesn’t seem to fit the exterior of your house.

    Marla Hinds