Tuesday, April 24, 2012

More layouts

Some fun pages
My husband is not a thrift store shopper.   I like going in there to find ribbons (the other day I got 5 almost-full spools of grosgrain ribbon for $1.92).  He has 7 shirts and he paid about $10!

 My son bought a truck at Carmax and the finance lady (Anita) was very friendly.  I was taking pictures to send to his dad and Anita said "Hey mom come over here" so I could her picture with David!  She also told him that he better not miss a payment because he'd have to deal with her - she'd be there when he least expected it.

 This picture is great.  I saw it on my niece's facebook (her 3 kids) and knew I had to scrap it.  It shows my great niece and 2 great nephews showing their personalities.  My niece is in a sparkly dance dress, one nephew has on a t-shirt and diaper, and the other nephew has on sweats and snow boots.  Their mom does a great job of letting them be their own person.  Oh, yes, by the way, I do know that I spelled different wrong.  I don't like rub-ons but at least I got to sneak the "r" in there.   :P
Thanks for stopping.  Let your creativity change a life.  Susan

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