Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Lord's Table

I wanted to share again from The Lord's Table devotion for today.

I'm amazed at the vast amount of published material today (some of it Christian) that seems to exist for no other reason than to inflate our egos. Titles like Choosing Your Own Greatness, You're Nature's Greatest Miracle, You've Got What It Takes, or Unlocking Your Potential are indicative of our man-focused society.

You've heard it said "God helps those who help themselves"—but this is simply not true. According to Scripture, God helps the helpless!

Our study today will help us recognize our own helplessness in overcoming bad eating habits of all kinds. We'll learn that "Blessed are the poor in spirit." Or put another way: "Happy are the helpless!"

Let's first understand what the term "poor in spirit" means. Here are some definitions:
• Bankrupt in myself (I am totally without resources)
• I am nothing without God
• All I am, have, and do is worthless apart from God
• I understand my total inability before God

Linguistically, the word "poor" carries connotations of "one who crouches or cowers" and refers to one who is beggarly.

Question 1:  Have you approached God as a beggar? Or do you feel that you're doing OK, have what you need in life, and can overcome sin without God?

Let's explore the importance of recognizing our spiritual bankruptcy before God.
• This spiritual poverty is, in reality, the foundation of all graces. God gives grace to the humble, not to the proud. The humble—those who recognize their own impoverished condition—are given grace.
• Emptiness precedes fullness. We cannot receive anything from God until we have empty hands. He who recognizes he has nothing to offer God will receive everything from God.
• Self must be denied in order for Christ to be wanted. If our goal is to honor ourselves, Christ will be far from us. But he who honors God will himself be honored.
• A starving heart will give all to have the Bread of Life. It is only the hungry person—not the full—who senses his need of Jesus.

If you struggle with controlling food, I highly recommend this online devotion.  It is free to do and you have contact with a counselor (if you want) via email.  I get emails 3-4 times a week just encouraging me.
Today's lesson opened my eyes to something...I have not completely surrendered to Christ.  I go to Him when I need something that is out of my control (like protection for my family).  But the truth is, I can't do anything worthwhile without Him.  I need Him every moment of every day.  I struggle with issues because I struggle with them and I don't admit them to God and ask for His strength to overcome.  He knows about them already so why don't I work with Him to overcome them?  I see I have some work to do in my life.
Thanks for stopping by...I pray that God has opened your eyes up to anything you may need to take to Him.  Susan

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