Saturday, October 15, 2011

Scrap room Oct 2011

I finally got back in my scrap room but not to create - to clean. I couldn't see the top of my table and it was too overwhelming to even think about it. Today I had my son bring up a desk from the basement (I'm glad I kept the office furniture when we moved) and I moved some things around. I even cleaned out the closet.

I was going to show you pictures but I can't seem to upload a video and I can't find any new batteries for my camera (so much for organizing!). I did manage to find almost dead ones to get a somewhat decent picture of the new ribbon organizer I'm working on. For me, it is out-of-sight, out-of-mind so I'm hoping that by having the ribbon in plain view, I might use more of it. These were previously in baggies (sorted by color) in a basket.

I got the idea of the hanger from a blog (if I find it again, I'll post the link; but there's a picture below). I went to the thrift store and found my pants hanger (above) for $1.90. I cut the ribbon rounds on my Cricut and used mini clips to put them on the hanger. Some of the orange ribbon is on a toilet paper roll. I love when I find a great idea on someone's blog and can implement it for CHEAP!!

Maybe tomorrow I'll actually create in my scrap room. I have vacation pics I'm still working on. I also need to go through my stash and get rid of things (bling, embellies, ribbon, stamps) that I know I'm not going to use. When I have too much, I can't seem to figure out what to use. I know, I'm talking crazy!

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great rest-of-the-weekend and get crafty! Susan

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