Sunday, December 5, 2010

Scrapbook room organization

Been thinking about what I want for Christmas. My husband is getting new golf clubs...he always gets the high dollar gifts. So I decided it was my turn. I want my craft room to be organized and efficient.

I'm going to have the walls painted a soft gray (the walls are currently Red and Blue - my son's high school colors) to go with the dark blue carpet.

I'm going to buy a couple more shelves and matching baskets for my supplies. Today I went thru the house and gathered all my baskets but they don't look very neat - being all different. So it's off to Flower Factory this week to get some.

I've decided to go vertical files with my paper files. Going to Joanns to buy the Cropper Hopper files and dividers. I thought about sticking with my plastic shelves (horizontal) but I think having them vertical will make looking for particular papers easier. If anyone has a better idea, send me a link to a picture. I'm not sure how I'll store the files though ... My shelves don't have sides and I don't want the files to fall over. I suppose I could adjust the stop shelf to be down a little so the vertical poles will act like bookends.

I'll take pictures when it is all done.


  1. Looking forward in seeing your new scrapbook room! :)

  2. I moved everything out today to ready for the painting! hopefully this weekend :)

  3. ya if your lazy son gets his butt moving ;)