Thursday, December 16, 2010

It's done - almost

Finally, my room is painted! and I moved all my scrapping stuff back into the room tonight. I saw someone refer to her room as her studio - I like that. So, here are the before, during and after pictures of my new studio!!

My son's school colors were red and blue so we painted this room in those colors when we moved in. He used this room for friends who spent the night and to keep his playstation and other games. As he got older, he used only to store stuff that he moved from his bedroom.

As you can see, I had so many pieces of "found" furniture to store my stash but nothing matched.

We had to put 3 coats of primer and 2 coats of the paint on the walls to cover the red and blue. Unfortunately, we got primer splatters on the dark blue carpet so we'll be cleaning that up too.

The walls are light gray - lighter than I wanted but much better than the red and blue. I set my table at an angle with my shelves (a new purchase) in the corner behind me. Everything at my fingertips. Plus I have room to set up a second (smaller) table if my sister comes over to scrap (or anyone else!). The table is also facing the closet - which is where I have a TV hidden (no cable though, just free TV via the converter box). When I faced the wall, I would put a mirror up so I could see the TV behind me! I usually listen to the radio though ... that reminds me, I need to get my radio back in the room. I finally put some new CDs in there because my radio station (104.9, The River) is only playing Christmas music; and though I enjoy it, I like more variety.

I decided to store my paper vertical and was pleased that my Cropper Hopper files are standing up by themselves. I thought I'd have to rig up some type of "book end" -- but was glad I didn't need to.

Do you love my baskets...I do. I found them at Flower Factory. I bought all the large and medium ones they had. I will need to go back and pick up a few more (to replace the natural ones I'm using in the mean time).

I need to "line" the shelves with something because the baskets catch on the shelves when I pull them forward. I have lots of thin cardboard that I will cut the size of the basket bottoms and hopefully solve this problem.

I had a colonoscopy this morning (blech) and everything is just fine (which I knew it would be). The procedure was a breeze compared to the prep. The stuff I needed to drink was awful. Of all the scientific advances in this world, I'd think they could come up with a more palatable drink. I had to drink it twice - once at 6 p.m. and once at 3 a.m. In case you don't know, you spend a lot of time in the bathroom after each dose.

On Monday I have a procedure with my gynecologist (minor surgery) - won't go into (TMI). I'm hoping this help the cause of my low blood count. Normal blood count for women is 14-20; mine was at 7 a month ago. It is up to 10.5 today (thanks to the iron pills I've been taking).

Well, it's off to bed. Thanks for stopping by.

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