Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Today I treated myself to Mother's Day shopping! I spent $15 at the VOA Thrift store - bought a pair of pants, a top, ribbon holder (deal of the day), snaps (I'll only use the tops as embellishments), clamp light (to use when I'm crocheting, like a task light), and a red/white/blue picture mat that says "God Bless America" (for my son's Army picture when I get one).

I also received a toilet paper holder and shelf for my bathroom - had fun putting them together (and then taking the shelf apart because I put one part upside down!). Waiting for the over-the-toilet shelf to come in.

I also got a stainless steel bracelet from QVC that I ordered a long time ago and it was on back-order. I LOVE it.

Happy Mother's Day to me :)

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