Thursday, March 5, 2009

Who are you?

Reading my Turning Point devotion, a few sentences really spoke to me:
But hiding one's identity from God is a futile endeavor. He knows the heart and desires of every person. When we are trying to be someone we're not, we fool no one but ourselves. Instead of being someone you're not, be the person God knows you are. Better yet, be the person He created you to be—one who brings honor and glory to Him.

My challenge for myself (and anyone reading this) is to be who God created you to be - stop trying to hide from Him (it simply does not work). Is He proud of me? Shamefully, I'd have to say no. But I want to change. I want to be all I'm supposed to be. Pray for me.

On another note, I was leaving for work today and while in the laundry room, the light from the window caught the rhinestones in my snowflake pin. It was so beautiful and God spoke to my heart and said: Jesus should shine out from you like this.

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