Saturday, March 14, 2009

Cleaning the Clutter

1 Cor 6:12-20 - Do you need to clean out the clutter? The devotion today likened our mind to the garage. Sometimes my garage gets so cluttered that I don't want to openthe door - I'm embarrassed to let my neighbors see. Sometimes my mind gets that way. Cluttered with bitterness, my own wants, work, temptations, offenses - whatever takes my mind off God.

How does God feel having to live among all that junk - probably the same way I do about my garage. Just like spring cleaning, we need to make sure we clean out the things in our mind that take our focus from God.

My guys are out looking at trucks this morning. David got a thought in his head and it won't go away! Although I think he found a great deal. We'll see. He is much like Brad and me - if he test drives something he's sure to buy (that's why Brad and I don't go looking for fun)!

Have a great day.

P.S., the other devotion I read (Turning Point) talked about taking our dog to obedience school. It goes on to say...The Lord offers a similar program for His sheep. As the Lamb of God was obedient to the Father, so we're to obey the Good Shepherd. It's important to ask ourselves: Have I been guilty of biting comments? Have I been barking up an unhealthy tree? Have I been digging into things I should avoid? Have I been running away from a clean conscience? Have I been messing up?
We're understudies of His obedience as we hear His voice and follow Him.

It is awesome how God will bring all this together for me!!

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