Wednesday, June 22, 2016

saturday scrap day pages

Love spending time with my scrapbooking friends.

I was clipping my grandson's nails and caught his fingertip. It bled so bad i got a little nervous. Missed taking pictures of the actual boo boo but I got a picture of the bandaged finger.

Finally got to see Niagara Falls.  Absolutely beautiful.
 My DIL's brother wrote an essay for school about Joshua's birth. He did a great job.
 My favorite pages of the day.  I love the fish. I made those with my ScanNcut.
 I have a great picture of my son in a backhoe with my husband.  Need to do a page with that one and one of these.
First time eating bananas and his first haircut.  Love my monkey that I did on the ScanNcut.

i enjoy scrapping my sweet boy.  Thanks for stopping by, Susan

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