Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Independence Day

 My nephew is serving in the Marines in Japan and he wrote this while out in the field:

The Fourth of July is celebrated in the United States as Independence Day. This day should not be taken advantage of. It is not just another day that some get off work, not just another excuse to party, and not just another day in the year. This day is more than fireworks, BBQs and parades.The Fourth of July was a day that we as Americans said that this is our country. It is the day that founded the country that we all live in today. It was a day that all the bloodshed of the American people stood for something. For the brave men that continue to die for her, this day shows that their deaths were not in vain. This country offers you freedoms that most do not. Use those freedoms and enjoy the day, just remember what it took to secure those freedoms.

God bless our men and women serving in the military all over the world.  Keep them safe and give them wisdom.  Protect them from our enemies and bless their families.

Have a happy, safe, and reflective 4th of July.  Susan

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