Thursday, March 15, 2012

a few cards

My father-in-law just had triple by-pass and valve replacement surgery (a week ago) and the nurses at Mt Carmel West CVICU were so good with him and the family. We appreciate the excellent care he got and that the nurses were always willing to spend time explaining to the family what was going on and how he was doing.

I made this card for them. I copied it from one I saw in Split Coast Stampers gallery. The sentiment came from Create With TLC. Love it. I will definitely have to make more of these for my next OWH box. I'm going to find a different trim to crochet because this one will be nice in a longer pattern, I don't like it as much as the one of the original card.

While up at the hospital, my husband has had the opportunity to pray with a couple of guys. One man is dying and they just took him off the respirator. His wife and sister stopped my mother-in-law (they recognized her from church) and she prayed with them and then my MIL suggested her son go pray with the husband. It really touched his heart to be able to give this man some comfort. I hope he knows the Lord and knows where he is going.

In the waiting room, he met another gentleman whose fiance is not doing very well. She has so many health issues and it is not looking good. Brad took time to pray with him on Monday and then looked for him again yesterday to see how things were going. I made this card to give to his wife - to let her know that we are praying for her and for her fiance.

I copied this from Lisa E's blog.

I appreciate all the awesome scrappers and card makers that put their creations in their blogs. I love to look at them and get ideas - and sometimes just outright copy them. You are all so creative!

Here is a doily I made. I made several for Christmas gifts but didn't keep any for myself. So I put this together to use as a backdrop to my card photos (it's in the two above :D).

I'm working on another design but it is slower going. I also made a little clutch to hold my cell phone and credit cards (it's divided so I don't lose my cards when I pull out my phone). I'm still tweaking it out so I'll show you pictures when it's completed.

Wish I could be scrapping today instead of working! We have a small storm rolling thru and I love to listen to the rain and thunder. A nap sounds good too...but, I gotta earn the dough to support my habit...scrapping that is!!

Saturday is all-day at church CROP. I have 30+ page kits ready to go. I have another 35+ to get ready for the next time. I'll share when I'm finished.

Thanks for stopping by. Keep your heart open because your creativity can change a life. Susan

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