Sunday, September 4, 2011

Heritage pages

Here are some pages from the Heritage album I did for my Aunt.

My maternal Grandparent's 50th Anniversary party

Grandpa and his girls (my mom is on left)

Maternal grandparents

Great Aunt (maternal g-ma's sister

maternal G-pa - don't know why some of these pages are sideways

My mom's family

My great, great g-parents

my great g-parents

My maternal g-ma and her sister (my favorite great aunt)

my maternal line (thru my grandmother)

My great, great, great g-parents

my great, great, great, great grandfather - the father of American Entomology (Frederick Melsheimer)

My grandmother and great aunt grew African violets and showed them

I had a hard time starting this book but once I did, it went quickly. History is so fascinating. Now I'm playing on to find out more and more info on my family.

Thanks for stopping by and looking. Have an awesome week, Susan

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