Saturday, July 9, 2011

Ribbon Storage

I finally got my ribbon storage put together!!

Remember this piece I bought at the thrift store - for $5? Well, I finally got my son to take a few minutes to drill holes thru the sides where the towel bar hung. I put a metal rod (from a quilt rack) thru the holes to hold the ribbons. I then put push pins with mini binder clips along the bottom to hang ribbon cards.

The rod here is thru toilet paper holders that came with the shelf above. I used the 3m picture hanger dealies to put the holders on the wall.

The picture frame with ribbon cards is something I found at Scrapbook Art (I think it was, either that or another LSS). I'm going to scrap some cards to put in each opening (some day) but until then, it'll help display my ribbons.

I still have my ribbon baskets with pieces not on rolls. The yellow arrows show the basic still full like they are here and the blue arrow is on the basket that has my special ribbon. Okay... who cares... but I wanted to play with putting arrows in the pictures :P

NOW maybe I'll start using it :)

No scrapping done today. I really want to start working on page kits I put together...hopefully tomorrow. I think I'll go read.

Thanks for stopping by. Susan


  1. Wow very organized love this ribbon holder!!!!

  2. Thanks Linda. I try to hit the thrift store every couple of weeks to see if there is any furniture/accessories I can alter into storage.

    I also get a lot great deals on ribbon - less than $1 and I get 3 or 4 rolls a bag!