Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Can you believe this??

I "borrowed" this content from another blog {http://karelj.blogspot.com/}- but it expresses my sentiments exactly:

I am officially teed-off. I just saw a COMMERCIAL for the George Lopez Late Night Talk Show in which OUR PRESIDENT is plugging the show. GIVE ME A BREAK!!!! Are there no Health Care issues to debate? Are there not 2 (YES, TWO) wars we are ...engaged in? WHY IS THE LEADER OF OUR NATION PLUGGING A TELEVISION SHOW?????!!!!! Hey, Barrack! You run the country (right into the ground, apparently!), I'll watch TV!!

Please, Obama lovers---this has NOTHING to to with him, although I have never really been a fan. It has to do with the image of our nation and how we are percieved by the world. We have a President who apologizes for being an American, does not hold strong Christian values (which our nation was based upon, no matter what the pundits say) and is now, apparently trying to be a TV star. WHY? It doesn't make him accessible to the people---it makes him look shallow and caught up in our nation's *stupid* fascination and worship of media personalities. Can you imagine Abraham Lincoln touting a television late show? How about FDR holding a fireside chat with Geraldo Rivera? Oh, I know! Instead of making the difficult decision to take responsibility for the Bay of Pigs, Kennedy should have done a stand-up routine on Leno. I think it was silly for people to have gotten bent out of shape when Mrs. Obama wore shorts on vacation. I think Mr. Obama has every right to wear jeans and have a beer at a baseball game. But when he appears on a commercial, supporting a particular network and participating in a comedy routine, he crosses a line. He is no longer a candidate. He is the Leader of the Greatest Nation in the World. He needs to act like it.

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