Saturday, April 23, 2011

Cards 4-23

Today was scrap day in the scrap room. I was determined to get through the pile of scraps on my table without pulling out any new paper. I made several cards with scraps but the pile is still there. I guess I need to work some more!

I got a roll of crepe paper ribbon (blue, green, red, white, tan) and this reddish ribbon in a bag from the thrift store - there was was some pink in various widths. All for under $2. I go in there about once a month to see what crafty supplies I can find.

I was at a crop with my good friend Pati last weekend. We were cleaning up our spaces and she tossed her scraps over to me and said "I know you'll want to use these." Aww, she knows me well :)

Tomorrow is Easter and I wish all of you a blessed day. Remember amidst the fun of bunnies and eggs and chocolate and pretty dresses and hats (do you still buy little girls hats for Easter??) and family dinners, that this is the celebration of Jesus paying the price for our sins - dying and rising from the dead.

Keep your hearts open and let your creativity change someone's life. Thanks for stopping by, Susan

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